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In the menu of the left you will find cataloged by dates, circuits and groups all the events of which we have done photographies. Once chosen the day and hour of that want to see the images will show all in small size (gallery), to see them in a big size you have to click on any one of them. Once you see the image in big size, after you have the possibility to go seeing photos to in front or to backwards with the arrows that will appear once situate the cursor on both sides of the same , to see again all the images in small size you will have to use the icon situated in the upper corner.

Purchasing of pictures

Once you have seen your images, and have decided to purchase them you will be able to do it by the system of the "basket" that we have in our web. It is an agile and intuitive method.

In the screen gallery you will see all the photographies accompanied of the icon , with a simple click in this icon of the photography that you wish to purchase, will include the same in the basket, the same for each one of the images that interest you.

In the right side you will see at all times the content of your basket, in wishlist, you can click on each one of the references to see again all the included photos in the basket. If you click on X situated at the side of each reference, this photography will be deleted of the basket.

Under the listing of the cart, the icon will serve you to leave empty the basket; and the icon will carry you to the screen to complete your order.

This new screen will show you in miniature all the images that you have chosen, only when you have in this screen all the photographies that you want, you will have to choose the format and size to continue with the purchase.

In this screen and following you will have always icons of help that will solve any doubt you may have about.

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When the pictures will be in our website?

Very soon. We promise to publish the photos before the 48h back to the ending of the event, so that each pilot can see them from the computer of his house, and select those that more like him.

How can I get my pictures?

The way for it is simply and quickly. To see your images have to go in to the GALLERY of our web and look for the day that you were in the circuit. There you will see all the photographies. In this screen will be able to go selecting all the images you want and add them to the cart with an alone click. Once selected and confirmed will be able to formalise the request following the instructions that appear, and if there is any doubt you always can send us an email and will attend you as soon as possible.

Which is the format of the pictures?

We offer you several formats so that you choose the one who better adapt to you. We have the DIGITAL and PAPER. Also we offer you the possibility to reflect the images in objects.
PAPER FORMAT: it is the impression in photographic paper of the image that you see in our web, is the classic photography. The sizes offered are expressed in centimetres. DIGITAL FORMAT: it is an archive that will be able to see in your computer, print in the printer so many times as you want to and copy in a CD or another digital support (pen, ipod, mobile,...) To carry where you want. We offer two sizes, the one of medium quality (800x533 pixels) is sufficient to print in small size (until 15x22cm), visualise in screen, include in forums, go up to the Facebook and other operations that do not require high resolution, for this, you have the size of high quality (3000x2000 pixels) for to do posters (up to 60x90cm maximum), settings, etc...

When will arrive my photos?

With our automatic method you will have the photos in your house in a brief period of time. In the moment that our system checks the reception of the payment, the order is processed , and send the photographies to your email. In the case that you have decided to receive the images by one different method to the email, once received the payment, processes and sends the request in a no upper term to 48h.

How can I pay my order?

We have 3 options for the payment of your order, you can select the most appropiate for you:
CREDIT CARD: through the portal of safe payments, Pay Pal, you can realise a fast and reliable payment of your shopping from our web. So in the same moment that you realise the order you can proceed to pay the total amount without having to displace you. It is totally safe and Pix MotoRR does not have access to the data of your credit card, is the company Pay Pal who manages the payment and sends us the amount.
BANK TRANSFER: the classical method for the payment, you can order a transfer to the bank transfer details that we give you once finalised the order.
PAYMENT ON DELIVERY: you will pay to the postman the total amount of the order when he delivers it. This method is only available for orders less than 59€, providing that the delivery address is in the Peninsula. It is not possible to choose payment on delivery for Ceuta, Melilla or Canarias.
The method to enjoy before your photos is with your credit card , always with the guarantee that offers Pay Pal.

Images lose quality when are sended by email ?

At all. They are the same archives those that sended in a CD. The advantage to receive the photos by mail is that you get it before than the others.

How will receive the photos to my email ?

Once realised the purchase, if you have requested the sending by email , you will receive an and-mail to the direction that have facilitated us with the corresponding links to the images purchased. You have to click on each one of the links and select the option "SAVE". It selects your favourite folder and already will have the photographies in your computer. You can download the image so many times as you want, and if you want you can re-send the email with the links to your friends. The links have a caducity of 30 days.
This method of sending doesn’t collapse your account of mail.

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